Sorties Formations - Attack Strategies

At the beginning of a battle, your party will go out and scout the enemy. Once scounting is over you're able to pick your battle formation. These formations offer a little bonus to your Swords' stats that can help you win the battle!

Successful Reconnaissance 

If reconnaissance is successful, picking a battle formation is made easier for you.

Sorties 001
RED BOX (有利): this formation that will be most advantageous for you.
BLUE BOX (不利): This formation will put you at a disadvantage.

If you choose any of the other options, though, it won't be either advantageous or put you at a disadvantage either.

Reconnaissance Failure

If reconnaissance fails, you won't get those helpful boxes at all. You will have to try your luck and hope you don't pick the wrong one! You can still win with a disadvantageous formation though but it might be a lot harder to reach victory depending on the strength of your party.

For reconnaissance to be successful, you need a high SCOUTING stat. Wakizashis generally have the highest SCOUTING stat of all the Swords.

Party stats

Choosing your own Strategy

When you find yourself in a pinch on the harder maps or have difficulty training a low leveled party in a tougher area, the advantageous formation might not always cut the cake. It's sometimes better to choose a formation that compliments your party's stats.

If you know your party's stats, you can choose a formation that either makes better use or balances them.

For example, in the screenshot on the side, you can see this party is high in impact but low in mobility and impulse. You may consider choosing the Echelon Formation [雁行陣] to give a little boost to mobility and impulse to help hit harder and faster. You may also consider the Crane Wings Formation [鶴翼陣] to make the Impact stat of the party even higher and help deal even more damage when they strike.

You can also apply this sort of thinking to your formation choice when your reconnaissance fails.

Below is a chart of the formations with their strengths and weaknesses.








INCREASE: Impact, Impulse
DECREASE: Leadership
WEAK: Reverse Formation
STRONG: Crane Wings Formation

INCREASE: Leadership, Critical
WEAK: Crane Wings Formation
STRONG: Square Formation

INCREASE: Mobility, Impulse
DECREASE: Leadership, Critical
WEAK: Square Formation
STRONG: Reverse Formation







DECREASE: Leadership, Mobility
WEAK: Fish Scale Formation
STRONG: Horizontal Formation

INCREASE: Leadership
DECREASE: Mobility, Impact
WEAK: Horizontal Formation
STRONG: Echelon Formation

INCREASE: Mobility
DECREASE: Leadership
WEAK: Echelon Formation
STRONG: Fish Scale Formation

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