Setting Up

So you want to play Touken Ranbu? Here's how you can get access to the game!


You will need to make an account at DMM. The main site is in Japanese, lucky for you there's an English side that makes registering easier! 


How to get to DMM English side. It also may ask if you want to be redirected!

On the English site, to register, in the upper right corner if you hover over 'Login/User Registration' a drop down menu should appear with a yellow button that says 'User registration'.


Registration is pretty straight forward from there!

Proxy Settings

Currently, Touken Ranbu is only available to users with a Japanese IP. Then how, do you ask, can I get access to the game without one? Simple! You trick the site into thinking you have a Japanese IP.

The easiest way you can go about to achieve this is by following these steps:

1. Make sure you're logged into and are the JPN (日本語) side of the website.

2. Copy the code below.

document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=;path=/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/netgame/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/";

3. Press F12 on your keyboard to open Developers Bar.

4. Look for the 'Console' option and paste the code into the window. (This is on Chrome but it should be available on all browsers.)


5. Press enter to execute.

6. Go to the Touken Ranbu game webpage and the game should begin to load!

Benefit of using this method

  • You don't have to download any third party software!
  • Works on every operating system and any browser.
  • You won't need to do this every time you want to play. You'll continue to have access until you clear your cookies!
  • It's pretty fast and easy to do.


Occasionally something happens and this method will stop working suddenly. Try resetting your cookies and redoing this setup again.

If this method isn't working for you at all, try installing Holla Better Internet .

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