Recollection Gallery

001 - The Story of Hijikata

Event Title: The Story of Hijikata
CharactersIzumi no Kami KanesadaHorikawa Kunihiro

Era: Meiji Restoration (維新の記憶)

Location1-1, Hadokate (函館)

002 - The Story of Okita

Event Title: The Story of Okita
CharactersYamato no Kami YasusadaKashuu Kiyomitsu

Era: Meiji Restoration (維新の記憶)

Location1-4, Toba (鳥羽)

003 - Tarou and Jirou

Event Title: Tarou and Jirou
Characters: Taroutachi , Jiroutachi

Era: Memory of Edo (江戸の記憶)

Location: 2-1, Toba (鳥羽)

004 - White Elephant

Event Title: White Elephant
Characters: Doutanuki Masakuni , Otegine

Era: Memory of Edo (江戸の記憶)

Location: 2-2, Edo (江戸)

005 - Sword of Grief

Event Title: Sword of Grief
Characters: Ichigo Hitofuri, Namazuo Toushirou

Era: Memory of Edo (江戸の記憶)

Location: 2-4, Osaka -Osaka Winter Camp-(大阪 〜大阪冬の陣〜)

006 - Master Craftsman Azuchi

Event Title: Master Craftsman Azuchi
Characters: Yamabushi Kunihiro, Yamanbagiri Kunihiro

Era: Memory of Shokuhou (織豊の記憶) 

Location3-4, Azuchi (安土)

007 - Sword of Imagawa

Event Title: Sword of Imagawa
Characters: Kousetsu Samonji, Souza Samonji

Era: Memory of Sengoku (戦国の記憶) 

Location4-3, Okehazama (桶狭間)

008 - The Story of Yoshitsune

Event Title: The Story of Yoshitsune
Characters: Iwatooshi, Imanotsurugi

Era: Memory of Buke (武家の記憶) 

Location5-4, Atsukashiyama (阿津賀志山(厚樫山))

009 - The Way to Shinken

Event Title: The Way to Shinken
Characters: Ishikirimaru, Nikkari Aoe

Era: Not Specific 

Location: Anywhere

010 - Why There are So Many Toushirou

Event Title: Why There are So Many Toushirou
Characters: Atsu Toushirou, Gokotai

Era: Not specifc

Location: Anywhere

011 - The Story of the Rai Clan

Event Title: The Story of Rai Clan
CharactersHotarumaru, Aizen Kunitoshi

Era: Not specified

Location: Anywhere

012 - Story of the Ashikaga Family

Event Title: Story of the Ashikaga Family
Characters: Mikazuki Munechika, Honebami Toushirou

Era: Not specific 

Location: Anywhere

013 - The Story of the Fox

Event Title: The Story of the Fox
Characters: Kogitsunemaru , Nakigitsune

Era: Not specific

Location: Anywhere

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