Menu party

Party in the side menu.

Party/Formation - Preparing for Battle and Expeditions

Main Party Screen

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This is the main party window. Here you can check the status of your Swords, see whether or not they are fatiqued or damaged. You can also equip troops, horses and charms in this menu.

You can unlock up to 4 parties in Touken Ranbu.

It is important to note that your first party is the party that other players will challenge in Practice. Also note that only parties numbered 2-4 can be sent on Expeditions.

Remember the first Sword in your first party will be the character who will appear in your Inner Citadel and speak to you ask you play in the main menu!

Change/add Party Member Screen

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Locking and Unlocking your Swords enables it so that it doesn't appear in certain menus.

For example, if you don't want to accidentally use a certain sword to refine another, lock it and it will prevent it from appearing as a material to refine with. (You can still refine it with other swords though!)

Equipment Screen

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Here you can equip troops, horses and charms to your swords.

When you go to equip a solider unit, make sure to select it first to get the red button to equip it.

You can earn horses through important task rewards.

Charms can be purchases through the Merchant store with premium currency.

Unlocking more Party Slots

To unlock more party slots, you must complete certain Tasks .

No. Task Unlocks
A3 Form a party of 6

Second Party

Form a complete party of 6 swords of any kind
B9 Capture Edo - Winter Siege of Osaka! Third Party
Clear 2-4, Edo (Winter siege of Osaka(江戸・大坂冬の陣))
C4 Expedition - Advance

Fourth Party

Send a party on an expedition to 4-4. 
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