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Flow of Battle

Battle Start ► Reconnaissance 

Failure ►

Select Sortie Formation ► Preemptive Attack Archers ► Sword Battle ► Duel ►
(if conditions are met)
Battle Finish/ Victory Ranking
Musketeers ►
Success ► Stone Throwing Soliders ►

Reconnaissance and Sortie Formation

At the beginning of the battle, your party will try and scout your opponent.

Whether your party is successful or not, you will then be prompted to choose a sortie formation. These formations will give you either and advantage or disadvantage in battle, so choose wisely!

For more information of reconnaissance and sortie formations, go here!

Preemptive Atta​ck

Certain Equippable Troops offer a preemptive strike advantage in battle. These troops are the Musketeers, Archers and Stone Throwing Soldiers.

However not all Swords can equip these Troops. Only three types of Swords (Tantou, Wakizashi and Uchigatana) can equip preemptive strike units.

Tantou Wakizashi Uchigatana Comment
Musketeer Yes No No
Archer Yes Yes No Able to deal direct damage.
Stone Throwing Yes Yes Yes

The order in which they will attack is Archer ► Musketeers ► Stone Throwing Soldiers.

If the opponent has troops equipped, preemptive damage is dealt to Troop Strength -- with the exception of Archers, who are able to deal direct damage to opposing Swords. However, if a Sword doesn't have any Troops equipped, all preemptive strike damage will be dealt directly to the Sword's health.

Also note that damage is all calculated before the preemptive strike animation, so even if one preemptive strike is able to break through the opponents Troops, the damage resulted by the following attacks will be the same.

Sword Battle


Critical attack 会心の一撃

Battles will last for 2 ROUNDS, each Sword/opponent will have 2 turns to strike. The battle order is decided by the MOBILITY (機動) stat. The Sword or opponent with the highest mobility will go first and the order will continue down from there. This cycle will repeat again for the second round.

If either party still has viable members at the end of both rounds, the victor is determined by amount of damage dealt to the other (This damage determined by the amount of Troop Strength and Sword health lost.)

If all the Swords of one party are lost and/or destroyed before the 2 rounds are finished, the battle will also end.  

In addition to normal attacks, Swords have the possibility of dealing critical attacks (会心の一撃 ) but also a special attack. This special attack (called an Awakening or Shinken Hissatsu) can only occur when your Sword is damage and 'cornered'. For more details on Awakening attacks, please look below.  



Duel 一騎打ち

Duels (Ikkiuchi, 一騎打ち) only occur under specific conditions.

After reconnaissance, the sortie formation you chose has put you at the 'disadvantage'. If reconnaissance was successful, the disadvantageous formation will be the one shown in the blue box (不利). If reconnaissance failed, you will have to choose the disadvantageous formation by luck (or misfortune).

Then by chance, a duels can initiate during battle. In the duel event, the party leaders on both sides will face off on screen.

It doesn't matter how much damage you take during the battle, it doesn't effect the outcome of the duel. If you lose the duel, it doesn't mean you will lose the battle either.

Battle Finish

After the battle is finished, the game will calculate your Victory rank, who the battle MVP is and reward you and your Swords with experience points.
To see Experience Values go here.

You will then be given the option to either Continue Foward (行軍を決行) or return to your citadel (本丸へ帰城). If you have finished the route of the map you were on, you will automatically return to your citadel after the last battle has finished.

Conditions for Victory

In order to achieve Victory or a high Victory rank, you will have to meet these requirements:

Victory Rank Requirements Comment
Victory Rank S
  • All opponent's Sword/Troops were destroyed.
  • No damage was dealt to your party.
It is basically impossible to get this rank from the Era Memory of Shokuhou (3-1) and beyond.
Victory Rank A
  • All opponents Swords/Troops were destroyed.
  • No serious damage was dealt to your party (none of your swords was defeated).
Victory Rank B
  • At least half of opponent's Swords were destroyed.
  • No serious damage was dealt to your party (none of your swords was defeated).
Victory Rank C

If battle conditions do not meet any of the above and do not meet defeat conditions:

  • The total remaining health of your party remaining is higher than opponents / total damage dealt to opponent is higher than total opponent damage dealt to you.
  • Entire party was defeated by opponent.
  • Opponent total health is higher than your party's remaining health / total damage dealt onto you was higher than your total party damage dealt to them.

Battle conditions


Image Condition Effect Comment
Minordamage 軽傷 Minor Injury 90% Survivial Rate (?) The icon will display a yellow minor injury symbol.
Mediumdamage 中傷 Medium Injury 65% Survivial Rate (?)
Awakening ability may trigger.
Lit. Translation: Slander. The icon will display a orange slander symbol. Character illustration will change to damaged one.
Seriousdamage 重傷 Serious Injury 30% Survivial Rate (?)
Awakening ability may trigger.
The icon will display a red serious injury symbol.

When they are left with 1hp, Swords are unable to fight in this condition.

Destruction 破壊 Destruction Sword is destroyed You lose your Sword once it has been destroyed.

Sword Destruction

【刀剣乱舞】次郎太刀 刀剣破壊ボイス

【刀剣乱舞】次郎太刀 刀剣破壊ボイス

Jiroutachi Sword Destruction.

When a Sword reaches 0 HP, he will be destroyed (刀剣破壊). This usually only occures when a Sword has suffered a serious injury, however, there are other circumstances that may destroy your Swords as well. 

This is currently being re-tested on the JWiki as it likely it may be a bug in the game, but there is the possibility of Swords being destroyed when an Awakening is triggered.

The fatigue of the Sword may or may not have a factor in this. Since you cannot check the fatigue of a Sword during battle, when continuing forward to the next battle on a map there is the possibility of a Sword may have become tired from the previous battle. Reports are relatively high for Sword destruction after sustaining damage from a previous battle then continuing forward and triggering an Awakening in the next battle.

It is advised to exercise discretion, with precautions being that you repair damaged Swords as soon as possible (ei. immediately leaving battle to repair swords after it has finished) and only send them to fight when they are in good condition. Make sure they are always equipped with Troops and match the difficulty of a map to the party level.

Condition Report of Sword Destruction
No damage ► Sent to battle Minor reports (Awakening included unknown)
Minor Injury ►Sent to battle  Minor reports (Awakening included unknown)
Medium Injury ►Sent to battle Minor number of reports
Serious Injury ► Sent to battle  High number of reports
No damage ► Continue forward ► Awakening Moderate number of reports
Minor damage ► Continue forward ► Awakening Moderate number of reports
Medium Injury ► Continue forward ► Awakening Several number of reports
Serious Injury ► Continue forward ► Awakening High number of reports
【MAD】42名の破壊ボイス 動画ver【刀剣乱舞】

【MAD】42名の破壊ボイス 動画ver【刀剣乱舞】

All Sword Destruction lines.

Avoiding Sword Destruction

To avoid the possibility of a Sword being destroyed in battle, you may want to consider purchasing a Amulet to equip your Sword with at the Merchant (Premium) Store . This costs real money, but 1 Amulet will prevent your Sword from breaking 1 time. Every time a equipped Amulet is used, you will have to replace it.


Kogitsunemaru's Awakening during combat.

Awakening - Shinken Hissatsu

Awakening, or Shinken Hissatsu (真剣必殺, lit: Serious Certain Kill) is a special attack that will trigger when certain conditions are met.


  • A Sword must have sustained damage of equal or greater than Medium Injury.


  • Cut in Illustration during attack (Illustration recorded in Sword Book collection.)
  • All attacks until the end of combat will be critical strikes (会心の一撃).
  • May also attack more once in one turn (?)

Night Battles

Night battle

Munechika Mikazuki on Night Battle backdrop.

Night battles start appearing after map 3-3 (Memory of Shokuhou - Echizen).

They put certain swords at a disadvantage. Tantou, Wakizashi and Uchigatana are apparently unaffected, but Tachi, Oodachi, Yari and Naginata's may suffer a slight disadvantage.

What degree of weakness Swords may experience during a Night Battle has not yet been determined and is still being calculated, however what is known is that if a Swords level isn't high enough, they may be reduced to dealing single digit damage.

It may be wise to exercise some caution, especially on map 4-3 (Memory of Sengoku - Okehazama) where the Boss battle takes place at Night.

Map Night Battle Map Information
Era Memory of Shokuhou
Map 3-3 - Echizen
Nodes A, C
Era Memory of Sengoku
Map 4-1 - Nagashino 
Nodes A, B, F, J
Era Memory of Sengoku
Map 4-3 - Okehazama
Nodes B, K (BOSS)
Era Memory of Buke
Map 5-1 - Kamakura
Nodes A, B, C, F
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