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Front Lines - Touken Ranbu Battle System

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Sword Stats 

Your Sword's stats will decide their weaknesses and their strength and help you decide how to utilize them in battle.

Survival (生存)  Determines the base HP of the character. The higher the stat, the more HP they have.
Impact (打撃) Determines the base ATTACK power of the character. The higher the stat, the more power their strike.
Leadership (銃率)  Determines the base DEFENSE of the character. This stat also determines the vulnerability/defence of their troops. The higher the stat, the harder it will be for them and their troops to get wiped out.
Mobility (機動) Determines the base SPEED of the character. Speed effects how the speed at which they will attack in battle as well as how easily the can evade enemies.
Impulse (衝力) Determines the the CHANCE that a character will deal damage directly to the enemy even if the opponent has troops equipped. The higher this stat is, the more likely they will successfully be able to deal direct damage.
Range (範囲)

Determines how many enemies a character can strike in one turn.

  • SHORT (狭) will only hit one enemy per turn. Most swords (Tantou, Wakizashi, Uchigatana, Tachi) will have a short range.
  • WIDE (広) can hit up to 3 enemies per turn as long as all the enemies are side by side each other. Ootachi is the only sword with a wide range.
  • LONG (縦) More likely to deal DIRECT DAMAGE to enemies, even through equipped troops. The only Swords with this range are the Yari.
  • BROAD (横) able to hit ALL members of the opposing party as long as they're beside each other (?). The only Sword with this range is the Naginata.
Critical (必殺) Certain Kill. Determines the triggering ease of the AWAKENING (Shinken Hissatsu) of the character. The higher this stat, the more likely the character will awaken during a critical moment in battle.
Scouting (偵察) Helps EVALUATE the enemy's formation. This effects your sortie selection at the beginning of the battle; the higher it is, the more likely you'll be successful in picking a effective strategy.
Camouflage (隠蔽) Helps HIDE your formation from the enemy. This is only really effective in PVP. The higher this stat is, the harder it will be for opponents to pick an effective sortie to combat you with.
Troop strength (兵力) This is the number of EQUIP SLOTS a character is able to equip troops with. Troops add bonus stats to your characters like weaponary or armor would.

Party Information

Party stats

Party Stats

Party stats are an extremely useful thing to pay attention to! You can quickly take note of your party's weakness and better strategize by picking formations that either balance out their weaknesses or take advantage of their strengths!

In practice matches, you can use your party stats to better gauge whether or not you might be able to defeat a certain opponent!

Your party stats are mostly decided by compiling all your party member's stats together.

For example, the survival stat is decided by adding the health points of all the Swords in your party together, likewise for the impact stat, etc.

Range is determined by the amount of targets each sword is able to hit. Swords with a Short (狭) or Long (縦) range can hit 1 target, Swords with a Wide (広) range can hit up to 3 targets while Swords with a Broad (横) range can hit all the targets and therefore counting as a 6.

Troop Strength is determined by adding all of the equipped Troop's Force stat together. Your Troop's Force stat is basically the unit's health points.

Peak condition

Fluttering pedals mean your Swords are in top condition!

MVP Honor

When a Sword has won MVP in battle, they are gifted a special effect. In the party menu, you will see pedals dance across their character icon. This indicates that that Sword is in top condition!

The conditions of which a Sword can earn the MVP title are:

  1. During battle, that Sword defeated the most amount of enemies.
  2. If more than one Sword defeated the same amount of enemies, the Sword with the total highest damage dealt.
  3. If there are is still more than one sword who qualifies for MVP, the Sword who defeated the most troops will get MVP.
  4. If there is still more than one candidate for MVP, the Sword who defeated the enemy captain will get priority.

(note: information needs to be double checked)

The benefit of earning MVP is:

  • When a Sword wins MVP of a battle, they get double the EXP.
  • Sword Fatigue is reduced. Swords that maintain MVP status will basically never get tired!


Image Condition Comment
Tired Tired Swords usually recover relatively quickly from this status. 
Extremelytired Exhausted Swords may take much longer to recover from this status.

If you send your Swords into battle continuously, they will become fatigued. You can check whether or not your Swords have become fatigued in the Party window in the main menu. You cannot check whether or not your Swords are tired while they are in battle. Swords can also occationally return from Expeditions with a Tired status.

Fatigue effects how well they preform in battle. The more fatigued they are, the more likely they will be dealt direct damage and lose their troops. It may be wise to rotate the parties you send to the Front Lines to give Swords time to rest inbetween battles.

Swords who have MVP status and have fluttering pedals on their Icon will never succum to fatigue as long as they retain MVP status.

Currently it is possible to cure fatigue status by repairing your sword, but the sword must first take damage before it can be put in for repairs.

Sword Types - Weakness and Strengths

All Sword types will have a weakness and a strength. Sometimes it's best to strategize what sort of Swords to put in your party to balance them better.

Tantou (短刀)

  • Low ability and potential.
  • High critical rate.
  • Best for preemptive strikes (can equip Musketeers, Archers and Stone Throwing Soldiers).

Wakizashi (脇差)

  • Moderate ability and potential.
  • Best Scouting abiility.
  • Good for preemptive strikes (can only equip Archers and Stone Throwing Soldiers).

Uchigatana (打刀)

  • Average ability and potential (most well rounded).
  • Okay for preemptive strikes (can only equip Stone Throwing Soldiers).

Tachi (太刀)

  • High ability and potential.
  • Weakened during night battles.

Oodachi (大太刀)

  • Highest ability and potential.
  • Low mobility for slower attack rate.
  • More durable than Tachi.
  • Wide attack rage.
  • Weakened during night battles.

Yari (槍)

  • High ability and potential.
  • Lowest durability.
  • Best sword for dealing direct damage.
  • Limited equipment selection.

Naginata (薙刀)

  • Moderately high ability and potential.
  • Lowest durability.
  • Widest attack range.
  • BUT less likely to break through enemy Troops.
  • Limited equipment selection.
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