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Backgrounds - Customize your Inner Citadel

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Koban (小判)

Tired of entering your Citadel and looking at the same old decor? Look no further!

The Background/Scenery (Keishu 景趣) menu allows you to change and purchase new backgrounds with in-game currency called Koban (小判).

As you play through Touken Ranbu, you will earn Koban as rewards for leveling up, finishing Tasks, battling on the Front Lines and successfully completing Expeditions. You can check the amount of Koban you have in the side menu (景趣入手 Keishu Available).

Here's is a basic overview of the background menu, showing you how you can purchase and change your background.

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There are currently only three available backgrounds in Touken Ranbu but there is sure to be more on the way! Each background has a special animation effects to go along with them.

Here is a list of the currently available backgrounds and their cost:

日常の庭 Everyday Garden Pond Ripples Default
冬の庭 Winter Garden Falling Snow 30,000 Koban
春の庭 Spring Garden Fluttering petals 30,000 Koban

Koban Boxes

Koban Boxes (小判箱) are found during Expeditions. They can come in a Small (小), Medium(中) and Large(大) size.

Koban sma Koban med Koban large
Small (小) 200 Koban Medium(中) 400 Koban Large(大) 700 Koban

To open them you will have to go to the Merchant menu an select the bottom most tab on the right side of the screen.

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